General FAQ

What is Bulk SMS Modal service?

AdsClinic will allow users to send SMS to a target group using Multiple Modes of Mobile Phones, Emails or Voice Calls.

What are Voice Call Alerts?

For the first time in the country, AdsClinic introduces Voice Call Alerts where users can upload a voice file and send the same to a target group. Since the service is in beta, this feature will be activated only on request.

Will there be delivery reports?

Delivery reports are included in version 2.0 and are Network Operator Dependent. AdsClinic Server will deposit the alerts to the Network Operator Server and from that point, the Network Operator takes on the onus to deliver the alerts as sms on mobile phones.

Is this a Pan - India Service?

Yes, AdsClinic is a Pan India Service covering all networks in India. There will be global scalablity added to the product in the coming months.

What is a Sender Id?

Sender ID is the masking which is given to the sms. For Example is the Sender ID is set as Torque, then the users would receive an sms coming from AdsClinic titled as Torque. This can be changed in the Admin Panel.

Privacy and Security of mobile numbers

Mobile numbers of users are considered highly confidential and will be guarded with all our policies.

Reseller / Channel Partner FAQ

Can I license FastAlerts for my existing clients?

Yes, you can license the code and install AdsClinic for your existing users.

Can i rebrand the site when i license it?


I'm an international reseller and i would like to install the system in my country.

Our development team has worked for installation with foreign clients with customizations done for different regions globally. We can help you set up the system in your country.

Service FAQ

Is there any difference in charges between Local SMS and National SMS?

NO, we don't have separate charges for national and local SMSs.

Please confirm that you capable to send SMS to following providers

  1. Tata Indicom
  2. Reliance
  3. Airtel
  4. Idea
  5. Hutch
  6. BSNL

YES, we are capable of sending messages to all the providers mentioned above.

For the service providers like Tata Indicom and Reliance who have CDMA, don't allow ALPHANUMERIC masking, so we have automatically set a 10-digit fancy mobile number in the SENDER ID field. Our newly developed program automatically distinguishes the CDMA numbers from the GSM and masks when required.

So GSM numbers will get the sender id you have set and CDMA numbers will get the fancy number we have set.

We would like to integrate this software with our company software. Is that possible???

Yes this is very possible and very simple, we can provide you an API which will assist you to achieve this.

Is it possible to upgrade a package.?

Package upgrades are not an issue, when you want to upgrade your package, contact us.

Is this a loop or simultaneous process?

AdsClinic is an instant messaging solution. If you send 10,000 messages at once, all of them will be sent at the same time and will be delivered as if messages were sent individually at the same time.

Do I get a demo account?

Yes, you do get a FREE DEMO ACCOUNT of 20 SMS messages.

Is Online support or help available?

Yes,we have online support.make use of our LIVE HELP option or drop in a mail.

What is the Maximum text allowed in single SMS?

The maximum text allowed in a single SMS is 160 characters. If the limit is overshot, the message will be sent and delivered as 2 messages and charged for two messages as well.

If you have any more questions, please send a mail to - info@adsclinic.in