Missed Call Services

Missed Call service is a completely automated web based application enables you to get the real time notifications of all calls on mobile number of your preferred telecom cirle/state. We also provide Vanity Numbers of your preferred series.

Our Miss Call service can be easly integrated with SMS service, hence anyone who gives a miss call on your activated Miss Call Number will automatically receive acknowledgment SMS instantly with your unique Sender ID and personalized message.

How it works this services

When a new call arrives on your number our system automatically rejects the call after one ring and pushes the information on real time to your Web panel/Server along with the Call Number and Time details.

Missed Call Back Service

Let Your Customers Give You Miss Call

It helps customers to reach company free of charge. The interested customers can notify the company by giving missed calls to specific numbers.

Ability To Handle Large Amount Of Missed Calls

For getting back to the customer, one can use call logs containing caller details. Missed call back system has ability to handle large amount of missed calls which is absent in conventional phone system.

Automated Triggering Of Outbound Calls In Response To A Missed Call

It allows automated triggering of outbound calls in response to a missed call to reach customers instantly. Call logs can provide details like caller location, which can help planning inventory management better based on responses from a particular location.

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