Business Opportunity

Ads Clinic is powered and funded by Ads Clinic Marketing a leading IT Enabled & VAS Company having more than 5 Year of rich experience in ITES, VAS, R&D, BPO , Digital Marketing & Telecom Sector, Introducing for the first time in India a unique and highly profitable Business Opportunity without any kind of huge investments. We have developed the program, its technical side and even tips for your success

All you need to do is find new customers and sell the Telecom VAS Services at your own price and brand. You will get a ready made 100% white labeled website which works with your own domain or subdomain Your customers’ control panel and website is 100% customizable so that nobody will come to know that we are working at the backend.

No Programming or Technical Skill is required. We have made everything ready and easy for you. You can Start this highly profitable business within 5 minutes

Market Study

Mobile and its value added services have brought about a revolutionary change to our life style, making it an inevitable part of us. Mobile subscribers and Service companies are increasing day by day. Recent Surveys reveal that by the end of 2014, India will have more than 120 Crores of mobile subscribers. That means almost 90% of our total population will be using mobile phone. More International Mobile Service providers are also targeting India. So the opportunity & market in Telecom Sector is very wide and unlimited.

What we offer for you

We are the frist & only company in India who are providing Bulk SMS, Voice Calls, Longcode Services, Virtual Numbers, Missed Call Push Services, IVR Solutions, Smart 2Way Messaging, Click 2 Call through a Single White labelled Panel, so you are not likely to face any big competition or sales pressure in this field as the concept is only catching up in India as an effective marketing platform. So make the most of now by acting immediately.

Products/Services You Can Resell

You have the option to resell our following products through your own Simple Online Panel in your company brand and price.

  1. Bulk SMS – Normal, Priority ,Economic ,Marketing ,Transactional (DND Open)
  2. Bulk Voice Calls – Bulk Voice Broadcasting, Click 2 Call & IVR’s
  3. Click 2 Cal & Call Back Services – Oubound Calls with IVR
  4. Outbound & Inbound IVR – Fully Hosted IVR Solutions
  5. Missed Call Push Services – Never Miss Calls
  6. Long Codes – Dedicated & Shared Numbers (URL Forwarding, Auto Responses)
  7. Smart 2Way Messaging – Fully Automated Dynamic 2Way Messaging System
  8. Dedicated Virtual Numbers – Switch Level Forwarding – No Hardware required
  9. Shared Virtual Numbers – High Through-put (URL Forwarding, Auto Responses)
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You can customize your control panel & website as your wish. You can upload your own company logo, contents and also make changes according to your needs. Full Administration privilege will be yours. All our Services are 100% white labeled All our Services are 100% white labeled. Our Company Name or back links will never display on your website.

Sample Reseller Website

  1. Works with your domain/subdomain
  2. Upload your Logo & Contents
  3. Full Admin Privileges
  4. 100% White Labeled Ready Made Website & Control Panel


No need for any special requirements or infrastructure to start this business, you can even start this business from the comfort of your home or run this business as part time. No technical skills or Programming skills required. We will take care of all such major things.

For Any more Question and Pricing about DataBase , Call +91-9540505454. Or mail at- info@adsclinic.in